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PPC Management

PPC marketing can be a very effective method of gaining instant traffic, especially when launching a new website.
As an experienced internet marketing company, we deliver cost effective and highly targeted paid search marketing campaigns.
The theory behind pay per click internet marketing is simple, your adverts appear in the search results when a prospective buyer makes a search that is relevant to your services or products, and is also displayed alongside relevant content on participating websites.

The success of a pay per click campaign is measured in return on investment, which can be determined with the following formula: Profit / outlay x 100. Or in monetary terms £1200 Profit / £1100 Outlay x 100 = 200% profit.

We are able to finely target pay per click campaigns through various mediums, to reach specific groups of people, age groups, geographic locations, or any combination of these parameters. This ensures that you pay only for responses from your intended target market.

We ensure that your adverts are placed only in the most cost effective positions within search engine results and networks, to bring maximum conversions at the most effective cost per click.

The position of adverts within the search engine results and exposure on relevant network sites is decided via an auction system, advert relevance, landing page relevance, and bid amount are all amongst the factors considered by search engines when determining where to place an advert. Adverts are "deep linked" to relevant pages within your site, ensuring that traffic they provide is directed straight to relevant content. Tracking and cost analysis of each visitor allows further refinement of a campaign. For more details of our PPC management services, and how we can increase your ROI, please contact us.







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