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Reputation Management

The online reputation of your company can have a huge effect on sales. It is all too easy for unscrupulous competitors or even disgruntled ex-employees to post comments online posing as an unhappy customer. Often these comments are returned on the first page of Google under searches for your companies name, meaning that potential clients looking for feedback about your services will see the harmful comment.



Online reputation management involves monitoring Google for negative comments about your company, when any undesirable comments are found, we push them onto the second page or below by building links to other, more positive results. Since results on the second page of Google and below only receive 1.1% of all search volume, the negative comments will be seen by far fewer potential customers.


  • A good reputation takes years to build and just minutes to destroy
  • Bad feedback on page one of Google will damage your sales
  • Search Engine Reputation Management can provide a higher
    return on investment than advertising
  • The more customers you have, the higher your chances of receiving
    bad feedback are


How Much Does Search Engine Reputation Management Cost?
The cost of effective search engine reputation management will depend on the below factors:


  • How many existing online negative comments you have
  • The domain authority of sites that are displaying the negative comments
  • Is the negative feedback a single comment? Or a live and active discussion thread?
  • How many trading names do you have that require protecting?
  • What countries do you trade in?


Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss your particular Online Reputation Management requirements.









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