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Useful SEO Tools


Copyscape is the leading online duplicate detection solution, it allows you to check the content of your site for duplication, and now, with the addition of private index functionality, you can also scan for canonical content within your own domain.


Plagium is another good duplicate content detection tool, but as opposed to copyscape which checks Google's index primarily, and Yahoo's index when the batch search function is used, Plagium only checks Yahoo. Therefore if you have duplicate content problems I would recommend using copyscape primarily. This tool was included as unlike copyscape it is 100% free and without limitation.


Tynt is a copy protectection service that we have found to be very effective, by inserting a small snippet of javascript into the header file of your site, you can prevent would be content theives from taking your copy. The script adds a link back to your site into any content that is copied using right click or ctrl and c, the almost magical appearance of this link, together with the text you add such as "content stolen without consent from" makes most would be plagiarisers think twice! Tynt also detects plagiarism evey time content leaves your website, and creates a report showing which pages or images were copied, it also provides statistics on the number of inbound attributation links you have gained from the system.

Check Server Type Tool

A great little tool for finding out what type of server your site is hosted on, ideally for SEO, this should return Linux/Apache, if your site is hosted on any type of windows server I would recommned you stringly consider moving to Apache/Linux hosting! Windows servers do not support case sensitive urls which can lead to canonicalisation problems.

Check Server Headers Tool

Another useful SEO tool, the check server headers tool allows you to make sure that your pages are returning the correct HTTP status code, great for checking problematic "not found" pages.

User Agent Switcher

A great firefox addon which allows you to see your website exactly as googlebot. Essential for carrying out audits and particularly useful for revealing cloaked text. Compare what you see with the plugin activated and set to googlebot against what is displayed by your browsers default user agent.




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